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Originally Posted by halfjapgirl View Post
  1. 1. Open the pic in your s4 gallery and crop it in a perfect square (as you want it to appear on insta).
  2. 2. Upload the cropped pic to DropBox (free useful app)
  3. 3. Open the pic in DropBox > click 'Export' > click 'Save to SD Card'
  4. 4. Go to your s4 gallery and open the pic that you just exported (it will NOT be in the 'Camera' file -- it'll be in a separate one)
  5. 5. Upload it to instagram but DO NOT CROP IT EVEN MORE. AT ALL.The pic shoulda been a PERFECT square.
  6. 6. Blaow

If this didn't work, you did something wrong.
Couldn't you just set your camera to save to the SD card to begin with and skip a few steps? Also, the built-in "My Files" app can move your photos from the internal memory to the SD card anytime, without the need for your Dropbox step (although, it's a great app, people should get it).

Just seems like I could cut out 3-4 of your steps up there.
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