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Originally Posted by twister6 View Post
Drex, why do you think pricing is high? It's $31 on amazon, shipped. I checked other devices you mentioned, and those start with $40+ to over $100, right? I actually did look now at Sony and Samsung alternative devices, watched YT reviews, and I found the functionality to be identical.

I never heard of this company before either. It was a tip from someone who got their ISO headphones (similar bt receiver with hardwired high quality noise canceling headphones). They also have external bt speaker "SP1" similar to jawbone and ue boom, but at a much better price. I think this company is EU based and only recently got into mobile audio accessories. I really hope to review their SP1 speaker in the future to compare it with UE Boom I just received (and will post a review in a day or two).

And speaking of external speakers, they typically only have volume control. Well, guess what? I just had GAIN connected to UE Boom (through 3.5mm cable) and was controlling it like a remote control with play/pause, volume up/down, and track skip. This little GAIN device just became my new favorite toy Using it in a car is another great option.
More-so based on my not being familiar with the company at all.

The one advantage that I've found with the HS3000 over all of the BT dongles I own is that it has a sound boost w/ 3 level adjustment. I didn't think it would be a factor, until I had first connected it in my car. It made enough of a difference that it sounded better than when I was connecting via wired USB, so I switched back to bluetooth. The Gain doesn't have that, neither does my expensive (overpriced and not worth it) MW1 (although the MW1 does have a nifty display that shows my gmail, facebook and twitter (just wish the text messaging app add-on worked).

Both the HS3000 and the MW1 do exactly the same as the GAIN (volume control, track control, etc.). I personally purchased both of my HS3000's for $30 each, but I know they are difficult to find (especially at that price) nowadays. Cheapest is mobilefun, which ends up being $10 more than the GAIN. I'm using one in my car and the other on my Phan-Bot speaker at work.

For the MW1 - Like I mentioned, not worth the price for the small enhancements w/ the display.

Just wanted to mention the other alternatives because not everyone would feel comfortable going with a company they aren't familiar with. As for me, only reason I'd wait for the price to go down, is simply due to my having all the 3.5mm dongles I need (for now), but this is definitely already added on my wishlist.
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