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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
1. Radio reception is the same
2. I notice no speed improvement in UI or 3D games. Surprisingly, even game emulators like MAMEreloaded play with same frame rate.
3. Sound quality is about the same. S4 does have an impedance issue with buds less than 16 ohms, but those are not too common now.
4. Display looks the same from normal view distance. You have to get close to notice the better res of the S4.
5. Battery life appears to be the same.
6. The S4 gets a little hotter than the S3, but they both get hot, none the less. Added: My son's iPhone gets hot too, so all phones packing speed and fast radios get hot.

Well it's obvious you haven't used one much.

1. Don't care, it didn't need improving.
2. 3d games are faster on the Galaxy S4, no question. emulators are quicker, try PSXe and N64 emulators with framerate displayed, they are faster.
3. Sound's fine to me.
4. Display does not look the same, it's noticeably sharper all round and you really notice the resolution advantage when using the browser as you can fit more on the screen and the text is sharper, also colours are not as offensive as the Galaxy S3 and the screen modes are actually useful.
5. Battery life is better than than Galaxy S3, I'm getting more screen on time on the S4 vs the S3.
6. My Galaxy S3 got hotter than my Galaxy S4, it does get warm but nothing to be concerned about.
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