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Originally Posted by Samcanadian View Post
Ultrapixel vs. Megapixel argument: My necessary first-hand attempt at testing this out!

A friend of mine owned the Samsung S2 which coincidentally has twice the number of Megapixels that the HTC One has, so we thought to try taking similar pictures and comparing Ultrapixel to Megapixel.

Here are some examples of pictures taken in different lighting conditions, with a zoomed-in pixel comparisons at the end.

-TEST 1-
  • Dark Room
  • Lighting Source: One Flashlight turned on, and pointing straight up at the ceiling (High-tech).

Samsung S2x:

Obviously not very good. Pixels are not even a consideration here, due to the lack of lighting/ability to compare.

HTC One:

It's not like it's level of detail is insanely high, but you can make out the clothes in the closet quite easily. Remember...this is in a completely dark room with a single ambient lighting source. Not bad, considering.

-TEST 2-
  • Normally lit room
  • Lighting Source: Ceiling Lamp Turned on
Samsung S2x:

Typical indoors camera phone shot. Red blanket on bed is washed out.

HTC One:

Colours are brighter, less pixelly on flat surfaces/edges, etc. (Note detail of glare on top of door, drywall seam on ceiling, grain in hardwood floors)



We've taken the HTC One's "4 Ultrapixel" camera and compared it directly with a Camera on another phone that has twice as many megapixels. In low-light conditions AND regular indoor conditions, the HTC One outperformed the S2x in image quality and colour representation quite impressively.

Nice comparison, but the S2 is a really old phone. Regardless of it's megapixel count, it doesn't have the latest sensors or tech built in it to produce a better image even in daylight. Maybe to the S4 or even S3 would've been better as far as for a comparison.
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