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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
2. I did not notice them faster. Smooth is smooth to me. Did not test GTA with full settings though.... I mainly tested MAMEreloaded. Dead or Alive + and other 3d games. The S3 is the same. Of course games that leverage the hardware should be faster, but an offset is probably the S3 GPU is pushing half the pixels.
5 & 6. The device is faster with same fabrication (same resistance) and twice the pixels. How can it not get hotter and have similar battery life? It got a little hotter for me than the S3, but only going by buds and staff at my local Verizon that got an S4 rotation.

Besides, I am sticking with my rationalization I am an objective natured person, so will side with you since you actually use the device and I only tested. You have more cred by default I hope a 32 is released by VZW, so I can follow up with your same level of use!
You just haven't tested enough games, even with a higher resolution the Galaxy S4 is still faster.

Compare 3dmark scores, it isn't even close.

Galaxy S3 - 2731
Galaxy S4 - 11744

The only way a game would perform the same is if was unoptimized and/or badly coded.

As for heat, ask Samsung and Qualcomm, I really don't care. I game allot on all my devices and they all get warm, the Galaxy S4 is no different and no worse.
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