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Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
You just haven't tested enough games, even with a higher resolution the Galaxy S4 is still faster.

Compare 3dmark scores, it isn't even close.

Galaxy S3 - 2731
Galaxy S4 - 11744

The only way a game would perform the same is if was unoptimized and/or badly coded.

As for heat, ask Samsung and Qualcomm, I really don't care. I game allot on all my devices and they all get warm, the Galaxy S4 is no different and no worse.
That is my point about the heat, since it is no better or worse, so another non leverage point for the S4.

No doubt the chip set will handle games better when designed for the quad, but none of my current ones show improvement. Just as smooth, again probably due to the offset of less pixels for the GPU to push.

The device is not a real big leap (professional review consensus says that) from the S3, since the S3 was already a high bar. Probably more a prop to S model line than anything else. No, when the next model has the 800, the lower fab process in that chip should result in better battery and maybe less heat.

I still want one, but not unless a 32 model. If the radios were worse, then I would pass.
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