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Originally Posted by chuckdog_5 View Post
Absolutely amazing review, possibly the best one i have found online and your thread is the sole purpose of me purchasing this battery, thank you. I havent received mine yet so still looking forward to going through the process, also ordering my external charger now. I like the idea of having the ZL and maybe 2 stock batteries to change out when not needing days of battery. Cant wait to give this a shot.
You are welcome! If you have a few spare hours, lock your wallet and head over to my complete review index with all other accessories I have reviewed in the last 4-5 months:

Regarding external charger, that's hit'n'miss. The one I was writing about in my mod doesn't work that well anymore because contacts got loose. Ideally you want to find a charger where you using your external 2A wall charger. If you can't, then look for wall chargers that give you at least 600 mA of current (don't mistake it with their usb output, has to be DC output charging current), cause majority of cheap ebay stuff is 350 mA and that will take you over a day to wait for charging.

Btw, I still have no info about Zerolemon rugged case. They promised to release it sometime in July, and I was hopping to have some preliminary info from them sooner, but no luck yet. Although I have info about Defender mod, I found it to be not reliable (maybe because I had a fake Defender and outside rubber shell wasn't as stretchable?). So my recommendation to either use bundled TPU case (which keep the phone with ZL9k3 very slimi) or wait for a promised rugged case.
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