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Alright, my WH brethren.

It's a sad day for me. I have been running Sourcery since it came out for my precious Nexus, but today is the day I have to move away from it.

The last 2 versions, which are supposed to be the final version, have been plagued with System UI crashes. When it crashes, I have no pulldown or nav buttons, and it will be basically useless for hours. If I get into an app, the only way to get out is to restart the whole phone. Then as I am about to lose it, it will mysteriously show back up - only taking upwards of 4 hours.

Clearing cache, dalvik cache, fixing permissions, etc... doesn't do anything. I try ROM Toolbox, since it has an option to restart System UI, but nothing.

I have re-downloaded, re-installed, checked MD5 Sums, etc... I have not used TiBU to reinstall anything (tough for me not to do), but it still does it. I just think the last 2 version are not agreeing with my phone, and unfortunately I don't have a nandroid of the last working version :-( Maybe I'll have to ask TDev if he has an older version that I can install.

So on to the help: I have to find a new ROM to go to, and I have no idea where to start. Does anyone have a 2nd favorite, or one that I can go to that is similar?
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