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Originally Posted by NYCHitman1 View Post
Maybe they'll brand this one with the EVO name?
I was thinking the exact same thing with the 'T6', but the 'Butterfly S' Sprint rumor, and possibly reviving the Evo name would make just as much sense if not more.

The only thing that doesn't really jive for me is the release date for the 'Butterfly S' and 'T6'.
I would think that if they wanted to revive the Evo name they would have tried to tag it earlier and release it around the same time as the other main Evo's past. It is not the end all be all to have it release around the same time as the others, but the pattern and business reasoning was surely there. Maybe The One put a fly in the ointment, so to speak.

June 04th - Evo 4G
June 24th - Evo 3D
June 02nd - Evo 4G LTE (May 18 -> June 02nd)
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