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I try never to underestimate the human capacity for screwing up. With that in mind and from my experiences over the last two years of compiling Dummies Guides over on the SGSII forum, I would like to propose that the General S4 forum be split between the quad, i9505, and octa, i9500, core phones at least.

My reasoning for this is that the General forum is the first point of contact for most newcomers to the forum. If they can be separated at that stage with perhaps just a simple Galaxy S4 OCTA i9500 and Galaxy S4 QUAD i9505 forums headings then they will at least be in the correct ball park for sub headings for rooting before any damage can be done. Also, as I have already seen in the General Forum, there is confusion as to which models are experiencing which problems, i.e. my post, here. My gut feeling is that we will see more differences between the two models in future.

Having shepherded the newcomers into those two camps, it should then be possible to compile global guides for each model and for experienced posters, giudes and mod's to, hopefully, spot any lost sheep at this very early stage and direct them to the correct forum.

Once in the correct forum they could then see the relevant ATR root forum for their model. This would possibly mean a single ATR forum for the i9505, quad core, and, "possibly", a single ATR for the i9500, octa core, phone although this may need to be split further if there were something other than the kernels that separated the i9500's.

In a nutshell, my plan would be to try and channel posters, noobs, advice into the correct channel from the outset by using the word, "quad", and, "octa", along with, "Galaxy S4", and even the model, "i9500", and, "i9505". Then it allows for general information to be given out and for guides to be written, safe in the knowledge that we are in the right area without the constant need to ask which model they have.

So, it should be possible to have two General forums for the Galaxy S4 and, possibly, just two ATR forums. This would replace the present, IMHO, confusing, single General forum and five ATR forums which appear to be a recipe for future disasters.
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