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Morning folks!

Feeling almost back to what passes for normal, but I'm stuck on a tech problem here and can't think my way out of it. Hope you can help. Here goes:

Got my shiny new laptop. It has its eccentricities but works for the most part. Now all of a sudden, I hook up my Nexus and absolutely nothing happens. No prompt to open folder to view files, no way to access my phone's files on the laptop.

Thinking it might be the laptop (even though I haven't touched any drivers), I hooked up a USB thumb drive to the same port. DING! Open folder to view files. I can see and access stuff all day.

Is it my new ROM? I grabbed my son's Nexus, which hasn't been ROMmed in ages, and plugged it in. NOTHING!

So: USB thumb drive reads all day in laptop, neither Nexus even evokes a noise or a prompt to install drivers. USB Cable bad? Nope. Each phone charges while hooked up, and Fast Charge is turned OFF on the phones. I'm stuck for a solution here, and appreciate any help you folks can send my way.


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