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Originally Posted by XxICEMAN720xX View Post
Is it possible that Verizon will request FedEx to hold the package at the distributing facilities until the true release date or is FedEx pretty much bound to deliver?

Grats to all you who ordered by phone! Send pics with confirmation!

If this dream does come true for you guys, what do you think Verizon is doing about the rest of us who pre-ordered online/in stores? We just have to sit and wait? What a cluster F.
I just called VZW (611) and they told me that they could not order the phone and it was only availible pre-order via the I have a notation on my account for 2 yr pricing even tho I'm only 18 months into a 2 year contract. I'm the secondary line on a family share plan. You guys that ordered via phone was it just an operator that guided you through buying online or did the csr on the phone actually place the order for you?
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