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Default Amazing GPS reception

I've had my HTC One for just over a week and have no problem in giving it 10/10.

The GPS reception is better than any I've had on my previous devices - it picks up the satellites within seconds of switching GPS on and locks on in under 30 seconds, and that is in my house!! The Desire S had to be outside before it would even think about looking for a satellite.

With the addition of GLONASS, the One picks up an amazing 22 to 25 satellites and locks on to 10 to 14 on a regular basis giving me a 3 to 4 metre accuracy.

I know it's early days, but up to now I really can't fault it. I've had the Desire S for two years and have always thought it to be a cracking device, but the One is AWESOME!! It does everything I need it to do, and does it well.

'Settings - Apps - All' shows :- Phone storage 10.79GB/32.00GB

which is as expected.

When looking at 'Settings - Apps - Running', mine shows :- RAM 604MB/1.5GB.

The 604MB varies as apps/tasks open/close but I expected to see 2GB as the total - any ideas??

No longer confused, spoken to HTC Support - 1.5GB is correct being the usable RAM with 0.5GB taken by the device. Although there is a bit of inconsistency in that they don't show the device storage in the same way as there is about 24GB available to the user, not 32GB, but this is referred to in the full spec details.
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