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Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
Resulting battery savings are difficult to quantify at best.

However, I'd give it a shot.The settings are fairly customizable & straightforward, allowing for easy fine-tuning according to your needs.

Keep in mind the ONE has its own power savings features in SETTINGS > POWER. If you're experiencing undesirable results while running both, you may need to adjust settings in the BATTERY GURU app, &/or the phones native settings.
Yeah, I have the power saver turned on with my One. And I'm not actually too worried about my battery life right now. It seems to be doing pretty good, without me tweaking much of anything. I was just curious about whether the BatteryGuru app is actually as effective as it is claimed. I mean, I used JuiceDefender all the time on my Evo3D, and I NEVER saw the power savings that other people reported. I don't think it was a bad app, just that my usage patterns didn't allow it to give me huge gains. Just wondered if the same thing might be true of this app.
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