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Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
I wasn't able to watch the live event, but there are countless videos of the products showcased at the event on other sites and youtube and yes I agree that the ATIB Q is one impressive device.

Currently I use both the Samsung Note 10.1 and the Samsung ATIV 500T equally, but I rather just use one device that would do both OS's and be lighter than carrying around them both.

This device looks sweet. things I like...
  • Dual OS Win8 and Android Jelly Bean (although I read its Android in a VM on top of Win8), but still from the videos it was quite quick switching between them. Some may say why have a dual OS device but I like the fact that it has Android (which I use the most) but it also has Win8/Desktop that allows me to use my current windows apps like Office (since I take stuff home at times to work with).
  • S-pen (which I love on both the Note 10.1 and the ATIV 500T). I have both and have wished that I could have a device that has both Android and Windows. This is it.
  • Intel Haswell Core i5 processor. Which allows the device to have for more memory on board, improved graphics
  • 13 inch display may seem to be to big in terms of carrying around, but with the current 10 inch note and 11.6 inch ATIV 500T, I am at times wanting a bit more screen to work with.
  • Thin, yet has a built in keyboard and enough ports including the hinge itself has ports (usb 3.0, micro hdmi and sd card reader) wow.
  • Vanilla Win 8 and vanilla Android. (Although this may change by time it actually comes out.)
  • The Lenovo like Trackpoint/mouse nipple. I love the lenovo ones and its nice seeing it appearing on other devices.

Things I may not like about it or unknown at this time...
  • With that type of hinge, the display will always be exposed. Therefore a cover might be needed to prevent it getting scratched.
  • No word if the supplied 4GB of memory is upgradeable, embedded or if there is even a 8GB version of this beast.
  • With this being Samsung, would it have multiview windows in the Android OS.
  • How much of that 128GB SSD memory is left over after both OS and default apps for personal use.
  • Price not set, although in one of the videos it mentioned the other tablet announced today as going for $699 USD, so I expect this one to be twice that or ack dare I say it, even more.

Regardless of the second list above, I feel that this is the next laptop/netbook/tablet/ultrabook that I may get.
Now its time to start putting my Note 10.1 and ATIV 500T on the market. or sell a kidney. lol

TS out

This device has taken the lead as my replacement laptop. I'm not a huge fan of Windows 8 at all, but the ATIV Q screams productivity. That's what attracted me to the Note 2 and more recently the Note 8. I don't really have the need for this at all, but the specs are hard to deny.

Let's just see what it ends up costing. The hardware alone makes me want to prepare to lose a good chunk of change.
Love the G-Note series!
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