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Originally Posted by chancehales View Post
WHEW! glad i waited HTC just announced the new HTC butterfly S same specs as the HTC One just a 3200Mah battery inside! . they dropped Verizon and are most likely going to release it on Sprint! WHOOO!!!!
I think when you know how to harness the power of your phone you don't need a bigger battery. One can only assume the "Butteryfly S" wont look as pretty as the One. I think HTC got it right this time with the One and I hope it is paying off for them in profits.

l love HTC and Android because I control the power of my phone. I thottle down my phone when I'm at work and not really using it. When I'm home I let the One run wild. When my phone is just sitting there or charging I turn power saver on. I like the fact I control what my phone is doing.

Honestly, I think HTC needs a mini One and that's it. The consumers will pick the best device. I know the Note is popular but I don't see too many people walking around with them except for two people that I know.
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