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Originally Posted by itsallgood View Post
As of right now, you can't move apps to SD card. I have heard they are pushing out an update that would enable this feature, but I haven't received it yet. The only things you can move to SD card is music, pictures, documents. (Not Google Play music, its stored in internal storage.) You can't even move books, newspapers or comics to SD card either. I ended up taking back the 16 GB version for the 32 GB version because of the space issue.

Edited: Forgot to mention that you don't have an option to choose the location of storage, internal or SD card. My Atrix 4G, which is what I upgraded from, had this feature. I could choose to store everything, including some apps, on the SD card. I hope they change this soon. Its a step backwards as far as storage flexibility is concerned for such a great super phone.

You can store google play music but it is a bit convoluted. I download to my PC then move to the SD card via ISync.

At first, I thought the 16gb was no issue. Having lived with the limited functionality of the sd card, I now see it as a major problem.
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