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Originally Posted by WalkaboutDavid View Post
While I agree with you, I also think these posters all have a point too. There is almost nothing added by Samsung that is at all useable. I have basically disabled everything.

The end result is that I have a lot of junk software on my phone that I never use and can't delete.

I am guessing that the bulk of the 10 million users who purchased the S4 last month are not going to spend their time disabling Samsung features and replacing them with good apps from the market.

For those who are not will to do the work, I honestly think that other phones make a lot more sense.
So you are telling me, that Smart Stay, Quick Glance, Smart Alert, etc., etc., are disabled on yours? What did you buy this phone for if not all this stuff that makes your life easier? Also,, if you look above, someone already gave an answer telling how to skip days of the week and just sett the allarm for the next occurrence of the settings, so I see no reason to complain here. In my opinion, Samsung is THE ONLY manufacturer who pays attention to what is most important - software. Hardware has come to a level, where everyone is basically equal and software is the only way to make a phone special.
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