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Default Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

So i'm on the lookout for a new phone. I'm going from the very crappy Galaxy Ace to either a HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4. But i'm on the fence, because a few things are still unclear to me. First i'll mention why it's either gonna be a S4 or One.

S4 because i hear nothing but good things about it. Plus it apparently is full of features and a huge plus is that it has removable battery and an SD card slot. However the build quality is nowhere near that of HTC One.

HTC One because the build quality and design is really impressive. I read in lots of previews that the sound is amazing, so music should sound fantastic on it. Isn't nearly as feature-rich as Galaxy S4, but then...some reviews say there's so many features you really won't use anyway. Both are from what i hear incredibly fast. So that's good. But what is not yet clear to me is how the battery life of both are.

Some reviews talk about 8 hours when in heavy use, but i don't heavily use a phone at all. Most of the time it comes down to messasing alittle on Whatsapp, some browsing, Youtube, some calling and that's about it. Not in any way in constant use. But still i want to know how the batterylife is of both phones. My Samsung Galaxy Ace lasts 1,5 days with light/medium usage and with the brightness all the way down. It should be fine with either one.

And last question...which one would you prefer and especially....WHY?
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