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Originally Posted by Adara View Post
OK. This is where I'm confused. I pick up my phone. I want an alarm at 11:30 today, so I set up a shiny new alarm. I don't care about the day, so I don't pick one. The alarm very kindly goes off at 11:30 today, Saturday. (Good phone.) Now, I pick up the phone tomorrow, wanting to use my 11:30 alarm again. The 11:30 alarm is now preset to Saturday. In order to make it go off at 11:30 on Sunday, I need to deselect Saturday. If I forget to do that step, the alarm which I intended to go off in a couple hours will actually be set for 6 days in the future.

The only way it works as you're suggesting is if I never reuse old alarms and start from scratch with new ones each time.


Wow. So helpful. In the OP, I asked if someone could recommend a good one -- I was hoping to rely on the experience of this forum rather than individually pawing through the plethora of alarm clock apps.
Your other option is to select every day, then it will go off everyday at that same time unless you turn it off...which lets face it isn't such a hardship!
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