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Originally Posted by hosta View Post
I'm picking up either - an S4 Active tomorrow - $215.00 with tax included. No case.


A regular S4 with a case (defender) for around $200.00 tonight.

I'm having a really difficult time deciding which to get. Unfortunately they've left out a couple of "cool" options that I would like to have on the Active version. For instance, no dual shot and a couple of premium camera options. I really don't care about the software other than the camera.

Now, the pros of the Active version are there, but I'm not sure if they're $50.00 more "there" and that's without a case! It's just waterproof, not drop proof.

Now that I've waited for the Active to release, I'm thinking the regular S4 was the best route in the first place.

Decisions decisions... Thanks!
What makes you think the Active is drop and dent proof, it is water proof and dust proof, it is made exactly like the regular S4, except for those two features, minus the 13 megapixel camera and no Super Amoled screen. Saying you will either get the Active "without a case", or a regular S4 with "a case to protect it" , makes no sense. Why do people get this impression that because the phone says "active" it is drop proof, same as when the manufacturer says the glass it is made of Gorilla "fortified" glass they think that is not shatter proof "lol".

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Preview - YouTube

Truth About Gorilla Glass (Ultimate Galaxy SIII Destruction!!!) *REPAIR VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION!!!* - YouTube
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