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Yes nothing under settings display for battery %, nothing under development either. Q2: I already rooted the phone so does it mean I have to get a whole custom ROM now just to have the battery % show? In that case it might just be easier to show the % though an 3rd party app.

Q3: And ok, I guess I just always though the more stuff you have taking up RAM memory the faster the battery would drain but I'm not really even sure if thats the case.

And I agree with you, I def wish I had badges like in iOS to show me when something new came to that app. I do like the notification bar but sometimes its full so you forget some important stuff that should have been answers sooner.

What launches are you talking about that has a work around badges notification for android?

Oh and perhaps the worst thing about this phone: HTC One capacitive home and back buttons only light up when its very very VERY dark, so when it dark but not dark enough you cant see the buttons. There is no option ANYWHERE to adjust the light sensitivity at which they turn on. I search and soooo far I haven't found anything. I did find an app the when rooted you can turn those lights on, but the app is dumb because it keeps the light ON even when then I lock the phone so just wasting battery lol

I wish I could figure out what controls the sensitivity, there is got to be a files some place that can be tweeked to fix this and make them turn on earlier

ps. found a ROM that should fixes the buttons :-)
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