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Originally Posted by mpanju View Post
Tlicious1020 - I'm going to give it a few days before I try a factory reset. I agree with a screen this gorgeous it'd be a shame to set the brightness so low. I never used the auto brightness for the Galaxy Nexus as I found it far too dim for my liking. Would you mind sharing data about your battery life? What sort of adjustments do you make to conserve battery life? Personally I'm not too sure that turning off Google Now has made much of a difference, for me anyway.
Well, my phone is not setup to sync to anything. I always go through all of my apps to ensureif they need access to data like mail, weather, stocks, news, Sprint zone, etc. That those items are setup to manually update. And when I'm in an area where I have no signal I select power saver mode. I guess I look at this phone like a sports car. It's meant to go fast all the time. You have to throttle it back depending on what you do with your phone on a daily basis.

But I don't think power saver does much good when you are actually using the phone unless you have the screen turned down. I think the key is finding the right level of screen brightness.
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