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Originally Posted by windpiper View Post
its been a bit over a month now since I bought my S4 this happen about 3 times now on the road. When I try to make a call it gives me a error of ( network not registered ) so I restarted it it was fine. I went to the tmobile store were I bought it and they say restart the S4 every other day, is this right ? You spend $600 on a phone and have to reboot it every other day, that sucks. I thought this was the next thing to have.

Maybe I should of went to the HTC ONE ?

It is not unsual at all for smartphones to benefit from occasional reboots - just like any computer. I try to make sure I power down at least once every few days.

The problem you are having though seems unusual to me, and is beyond what I would normally expect with a smartphone.

I used to have similar issues with my Verizon Motorola Droid 3 all the time. I eventually had to do a factory reset, and then restore everything from scratch. That solved the problem.

So, my overall impression is that the response you got from Tmobile is not sufficient. I think there is something else going on.

And, I don't believe the problem would be better or worse than the HTC One.
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