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Originally Posted by volleybear View Post
Planning on buying a GS4 (or HTC One or Iphone 5 depending on which has the best battery life). If I turn off the extra features like the air waving crap and only use my phone for basic things (texting, checking email, one 5 minute call a day) plus auto syncing email, gchat, and streaming music for 2-3 hours a day, how long can I expect the battery to last?

I plan on un-overclocking the processor and using auto brightness.

Extra question: If anyone knows, how would HTC One/Iphone compare if I use them similarly?

Note: I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before. I've searched the GS4 forum here and searched the entire forum using google and couldn't find anything on how long the battery will last without extra features.

Edit: If it matters, I plan on using 4G LTE with T-Mobile
The S4 has a bigger battery than the one but also a larger screen. So, I would expect battery life to be reasonably similar.

S4 is the only one with user replaceable battery.
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