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when I double click the Home button and the multitask screen comes up it always shows programs I thought I already quit earlier and they won't disappear until I swipe them away. I was wondering, do they actually stay active in the background until swiped away or is there more to it? And if they are indeed still active in the background then is there a way to properly close these applications that I'm now aware of? (I usually just hit Back until it exits the app).
good reading here:
Managing how applications use memory - Android OS Help

you typically don’t need to worry about managing applications beyond installing, opening, and using them. The operating system manages how they use memory and other resources automatically.

Also, is there a way to either get rid of Blinkfeed or just make sure it doesn't eat up my limited monthly bandwidth?
Post #2

HTC Launches Blinkfeed with the new HTC One - HTC Blog

Can we just turn it off? If not, what happens if I unselect everything in the menu?
By default, Blinkfeed is the home screen. You do have the option to change the home screen to one of the other screens.
so there. Rooting will rid you of the screen or you can do what EM suggested or live with the blinkfeed page being there.
And is there a way of removing my Facebook feed from the default HTC Gallery?
Facebook/Friends, etc. pictures in Gallery app. Can these be removed? (HTC Sense 5)

Look at posts #53 and #54 but read the thread in general.

Many of your questions have been answered on this forum. Lots of information to be searched. This thread has a LOT of info in it, so if you have some leisure time, smoke over the search function or reach out to me, I am happy to help.
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