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Originally Posted by volleybear View Post
If I turn off the extra features like the air waving crap and only use my phone for basic things (texting, checking email, one 5 minute call a day) plus auto syncing email, gchat, and streaming music for 2-3 hours a day, how long can I expect the battery to last?
I think if you're on wifi instead of 4G you'll get much better life while streaming music. I have disabled pretty much everything and am currently at 2 days on battery with 2h40m screen time (44% battery left). The screen is my largest battery user.
I don't stream, I just get emails, texts, 5 minute call, and web browsing etc. Mostly on wifi.
I keep Mobile Data off unless I'm out and about and away from wifi.

I'm guessing I can get 3 days battery life with 5h screen time.
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