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Originally Posted by Orion View Post
This is the rumor I believe the most. They can easily fit 5.7 on a Note 2 body and just shrink the bezels. Whatever the size may be, I just want that big screen.
I'm content sticking with my Note 2, but if Samsung manages to pull off the same thing they did with the S4 (fitting a bigger screen into smaller physical dimensions than the predecessor), then that device is perfect. One of the main reasons I was okay getting the Note 2 is because it was thinner and less wide than the original Note. The original Note just never felt quite right holding, whenever I tested it out. The Note 2 felt much better to hold (despite being taller), but was just on the verge of uncomfortable for me.

The only exception that I'd make, for getting a phone with bigger physical dimensions, is if Samsung finally releases a production model with the flexible screen that goes from a phone size and folds out to a tablet size screen w/o any break in the middle. All the early dual-screen iterations, with the ugly break in the middle of the 2 screens, just didn't make all that much sense to me.
Love the G-Note series!
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