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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
I'm content sticking with my Note 2, but if Samsung manages to pull off the same thing they did with the S4 (fitting a bigger screen into smaller physical dimensions than the predecessor), then that device is perfect. One of the main reasons I was okay getting the Note 2 is because it was thinner and less wide than the original Note. The original Note just never felt quite right holding, whenever I tested it out. The Note 2 felt much better to hold (despite being taller), but was just on the verge of uncomfortable for me.

The only exception that I'd make, for getting a phone with bigger physical dimensions, is if Samsung finally releases a production model with the flexible screen that goes from a phone size and folds out to a tablet size screen w/o any break in the middle. All the early dual-screen iterations, with the ugly break in the middle of the 2 screens, just didn't make all that much sense to me.
Yeah I'm really interested to see the flexible screens. Probably next year.... Although rumors say LG may be first out the gate later this year.

Oh yes the dual screen Echo that was a major fail. Lol
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