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Originally Posted by WalkaboutDavid View Post
To get rid of the "bs bloatware", Click on system settings, go to application manager, slide over to "all applications." Scroll down the list of applications, and click on anyone you don't want, and then click on disable. It will still take up some small bit of ram on your phone but will never run or be seen by you again.
This doesn't always turn out great. Disabling certain apps can and will most likely have negative effects on your phone.

Study up on rooting and its advantages and disadvantages. Learn the terminology and what it means. Then root your phone and eventually ROM (which rids your phone of bloatware and improves performance/battery life, plus certain roms add tons of features). If your computer savvy you will be able to easily follow the directions to Root the S4. I'm rooted and running clean ROM and it is bloatware free!
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