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I do keep my One on Power Saver mode all the time, the only option I uncheck though is the screen brightness option.

I've had quite the interesting day with my One today.

- I did a factory reset the previous night and installed Advanced Task Killer.
- Removed phone off charger at 0630h, clocked around 45mins screen on time by close to 0900h
- I ended up getting pretty decent standby time relative to my previous times. Incidentally, my increased responsibilities at work have resulted in my inability to reach for my phone every 25 mins or so (usually Blinkfeed/Flipboard/News Republic/WhatsApp).
- The Power vs Percentage data in GSam Battery is pretty darn useful, it's basically a log of every percentage change throughout the battery cycle! In the attached screen you will notice that I lost only 1% between 0859h and 0946h and similarly just 1% between 0948h and 1042h! It should be noted that my usage over the past two mornings have been severely curtailed but there is a marked improvement in standby in today's performance.
- Battery life depleted faster in the afternoon as I decided that I had to sneak in some private time with the One (It's like the Kate Upton/Ryan Gosling of cell phones ). Still I left it alone from 1637h til 1730h and lost just 1%
- After leaving work at around 1820h the battery life was 47% (with around 1hr 20 mins screen on time) and I played some music (not streaming) whilst going through apps (LinkedIn, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, BlinkFeed) for around 30-35 mins and I lost more than 10%
- Reached home by 2000h with the phone at around 25/20%
-There is actually a reduction of the msm_hsic_host wake lock, if you notice my screens provided, this is the lowest time listed in kernel wakelocks: 4hrs 44mins and 2,590 wakelocks at 2300h when I usually get more than 6hrs and 4,000 wakelocks by 1900h/2000h. I cannot be sure if the factory reset has helped with that but definitely EarlyMon's advice on Wi-Fi has made a difference as I have kept Wi-Fi off at work as my phone could be trying to pick up a weak signal from an adjacent office. I am hopeful that the 4.2.2 update will greatly reduce this wakelock.
- Keeping away from the One is another major contributing factor, although I have had bad standby drain before when not using it. I suppose that the increased length of time that I do not wake up the One has had some effect although I am fairly confident that I still cannot pull off more than a 24 hour cycle with this phone due to the drain but I am more than happy if a phone can last for 15/16 hours from 0630h up to 2100h
- Note that I do not use my phone for gaming, I did not touch the camera today and I only played one 7 minute YouTube video over Wi-Fi at home at around 2000h which seemed to drain about 3%! I swear it's like the phone will drain a little bit faster when the screen is one just to negate whatever savings were made earlier. (Yes, I have considered the possibility that I am becoming a wee bit obsessed by battery life!)
- All things said if this pattern continues then I will be fairly satisfied and as mentioned previously, I hope that the 4.2.2 update can improve my kernel & msm_hsic_host wakelocks issues.
- Plenty of screens attached as usual!
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