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Originally Posted by kevincott View Post
Did not know. This makes the phone comparison a bit more apples-to-apples.
Yeah, though at the time of Gnex Launch (Nov/Dec 2011), Apple was only a couple months into the 4S launch. The Gnex was one of the last phones to run the A9 chips + separate radios for both CDMA & LTE. Those three separate chips caused enormous power consumption and hence the bad battery life. The 4S would have had equally bad battery life under the same circumstance. However with the adaption of the A15 krait chips, with radios on board the chip, power consumption was significantly reduced and thus battery life increased. Which is why phones these days get a lot more battery life. A CDMA/LTE Gnex would be lucky to get 2-2.5 hours of screen time back in the day where now the norm is closer to 4-5 hours.

Therefore comparing the Gnex to the iPhone 5 still is comparing apples to oranges because they're separated by almost a full year of release and thus innovation; and in the tech world that is a long time.
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