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Originally Posted by Recoil1 View Post
Just an update I noticed when I started flying around the country. I have rooted, gained s-off and put Viper on the One. I started noticing that I was showing 4g but no connectivity. I finally figured out that the phone was set to basically roam on any network including Verizon 4g. I was in areas that sprint usually didn't get a 4G signal but I was pleasantly surprised that I was getting one until I couldn't pull any data from it. I since have gone back to "home" only and I lost verizon 4G signal, picked up sprints 3G signal and was back in the data game. This is just a warning as Verizon has launched a ton of 4G towers that the One can pick up if you have the phone set to LTE/CDMA and automatic on the roaming setting.
You should have roam guard on. It will advise you when you're roaming and will let you disable it.
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