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Originally Posted by Kelmar View Post
I've let this simmer for a few days before replying but my reply will, essentially, be the same.

Please remember that some of us WERE staff and are FULLY aware of the PITA that is is going through and changing prefixes, etc. Us "regular" users are simply making a suggestion that we feel will make the forum a bit easier to 1) navigate and 2) assist users in troubleshooting. It has NOTHING to do with complaining.

No changes made; that's fine, we brought our opinions up. It's not our site, it's not our paycheck... we are simply trying suggest items that we feel would improve the overall user interface with this section of the site.

And I'm aware of that.

My understanding of your suggestion requires two parallel prefix sets and we don't have that at the present.

Would my suggestion work in your opinion or do you have another way we can attack this?

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