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Originally Posted by Phases View Post
Would prefix set of:

- Model 1
- Model 2
- Doesn't Matter
- Not sure

Yes. But I am also concerned that the differences from carrier to carrier (can't comment on international) also vary enough to make things difficult.

IMO, as mentioned above, prefixes are the right way to go but perhaps shift the forum a bit to mirror the olden days. That is a general/troubleshooting forum with device/carrier prefixes, accessory forum (no need for prefixes to my knowledge) and ATR forum that opens into a general chat about root and root related questions (as well as carrier specific root forums to discuss rooting and roms that may vary from device to device).

I can't tell you how many times I've seen a "how do I do this" thread where we explain how to do it only to find that the CARRIER removed said option (even though device is technically the same). Putting it all in one forum but allowing us to prefix based on carrier (US Tmob, US Att, US vzw, etc) would help resolve issues and still allow everyone to help.
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