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Default Best personal screen on time!

On Sunday 30th June 2013, I hit my best personal screen on time on my HTC One ever! I finally hit 5 hours of screen on time!

- Spent the entire day at home and for the first time I turned off mobile data and just left Wi-Fi on. You can definitely tell a difference when mobile data is in use, even the msm_hsic_host wakelock is greatly reduced.
- Speaking of wakelocks, check out the attached screen from the Wakelock Detector app. Before I did a factory reset, my top 3 wakelocks used to Android System, Google Services & 1013 and now you can't even find those in the latest attached screen shot! (of course I have now turned off Google Now but I think the factory reset eliminated the 1013 wakelock)
- Auto brightness as always but since I was not in any brightly lit rooms, the screen was automatically dim as you can see from the stats whereas when I am out and at the office the brightly lit environment usually results in the majority of the screen brightness as being medium.
- So I have learnt that if I actually leave the phone alone for long periods of time, it will sleep properly and drain less battery as opposed to when I wake the screen every 10 minutes or so and lose 1% pretty much whenever I do so. I feel asleep from 1630h or so up to close to 1900h, check out that straight line in the battery graph!
- Pretty damn happy but I don't expect this when I go back to work tomorrow and have no Wi-Fi to rely on. Still the one thing I have learned is not to turn on the phone every 10 mins or so, if I want to make it past the evening I have to let it rest for certain periods of time, and as I am quite busy at work now, especially in the mornings, that is not an issue anymore.
- EarlyMon, Tlicious1020: This would have not happened without you guys, thanks for the assistance and let's hope that 4.2.2 update gets rolled out soon!
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