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similar issues have been reported in this thread.

trying a "battery pull" soft reset a time or two may help.

That said, I am having ZERO issues with BF. I have it set to refresh every 15 minutes and I have nearly every option checked. I am on wifi at the moment but i have had no issues on cellular.

Maybe try one or the other (wifi or cellular). uncheck and recheck the feeds you are subscribing to. could also be an issue in your area with the network if you are on celular.

Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
Anyone currently experiencing issues w/BLINKFEED? I have all relevant apps enabled & I'm getting nothing but calendar & upcoming TV programming favorites, no news feeds.
Started experiencing issues about an hour ago.
Browser & all other data related apps are working, just not BLINKFEED.

Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
I'm on WI-FI ATM, it & data are working fine, currently using the PHANDROID app as we speak/post.

I refreshed numerous times & nothing. Toggled airplane mode, re-booted the phone, nothing.


After another re-boot & toggling of all topics/apps in BLINKFEED, it's working again. Guess it just needed to cough up the proverbial hairball.
Originally Posted by JimKnuckles View Post
Hey guys

For a few days now my blinkfeed has not been working. Its stuck in update..and it kinda keeps flickering. I have rebooted and all that good stuff but its not working.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
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