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Hi Bradden!

Welcome to the asylum known as All Things Root...

Originally Posted by Bradden View Post
I'm new to rooting Samsung having only had HTC before.

I haven't rooted my phone yet but want to take the plunge...there seems to be two options though - I need advice on whether I should I use a pre-rooted rom or chainfire to root?

I was thinking of using the chainfire method and then installing Phil's touch recovery. Is this the recover you folks would recommend?

From here I would like to make nandroid my phone in recovery and then backup my apps using titanium.

That is the best method for rooting and installing a custom recovery to all stock firmware, as described in the step-by-step guide, Rooting Galaxy S4 - Dummies Guide. It's 4 posts contain everything you should ever need to know about rooting, recovery and apps to install and backups to make.

I think i could use triangle away to enable OTA updates?
Are you confusing Triangle Away with ROM Manager?

I'd like to also use the foldermount method to move some apps over to my SD card.
You will need to install either stock firmware or a custom ROM that is based on MEA or later

Is all of this sensible.. can I do this without a full wipe?
That should be possible but, as with any flashing procedure, back as much as possible up first.

What also confuses me is there are pre-rooted ROMs available -DjeMBeY ROM's for example.

It seems these are an easier way to root and don't require wiping the phone ..I'd rather avoid setting my phone up all over again.
DjeMBeY ROM's i9505 - Dummies Guide is also a step-by-step guide for installing pre-rooted ROMS with recovery. The main difference is that you are limited to installing whichever ROM the dev brings out whilst the previous method will root any firmware.

What concerns me is that it seems to be an either or choice -
. .. I see there are specific versions of Omega for those with a recovery installed and those using pre-rooted roms.

Is there any benefit to using a pre-rooted rom? Apart from not having an "insecure kernel?"

Would it to limit my choice further down the line on which ROM's I could flash? Or could I install a pre-rooted rom and then install a recovery and have the same end result as using chainfire?

Whichever method you use to root will be overwritten by the next stock firmware, which will require re-rooting, or custom ROM, that may or may not be pre-rooted or require a custom recovery.

The bottom line is... it doesn't matter which method you choose as your next flash will over write it.

The choice... is yours!

Originally Posted by Bradden View Post
if it makes any difference I'm running:




That is stock, unbranded, UK firmware, MDM, which is the latest for your CSC code.

I think that that should read... CSC: I9505OXXAMDB
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