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Originally Posted by alkalidodo View Post
Hi friends,
My phone becomes etremely hot to the touch when using 3g for some time, any solution?
Hello alkalidodo. I'm seeing in various reviews of the HTC One that there is a heating issue being mentioned.. often under load from media or calls, or 3G as you say.

No remedy that covers all those circumstances has been brought out, and even more challenging is the fact that not all users of this great device are seeing that issue.

We've seen this in other devices, as well, with a "known bug" not being experienced by all users of that device. So... if it were my device, I'd take it to the point of purchase and kindly but firmly request an exchange for a new device.

You can first troubleshoot a bit. Is the heat occurring in all 3G areas, or just a few or only one location? It could be that the polling circuit in your One is not detecting a good strong signal and is constantly busy trying to keep a connection. If so, that's not a true defect (although "extremely hot" does sound like a defect), just a defect in the coverage in your area.

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