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Default Review of RAVPower External WiFi Disk with 3000 mAh power bank w/lots of pics!!!

This is a review of RAVPower External mobile WiFi Disk with a bonus of 3000 mAh power bank: RAVPowerŽ Wireless WiFi Disk Built-in 3000 mAh External Battery Pack Charger RP-WD01. Read & Write & Share Data in your SD card, USB Thumb Drive , USB External Hard Drive.For Tablet PC and Smartphones (iOS & Android System)

The concept of WiFi Disk is not new. It's a peripheral device you connect to through wifi for direct access of files without physical need of wire attachment. It comes handy if your Android device doesn't have removable micro-SD card expansion or you are dealing with iOS devices, or want to share files between Android and iOS. Typically those WiFi devices, or at least the one I read about, had a lot of limitations. When I got a chance to test new RAVPower WiFi disk, I quickly discovered this device being a Swiss army knife of WiFi disks. Here is why.

Weighting only 4.2 oz and the size of 4.65" x 3.1" x 0.5" its very lightweight and pocket friendly. Unlike wifi disk with built in hard drive, PAVPower gives you an option of either using SD card (or SD adapter to host micro-SD card) or full size usb connector to plug in thumb drive or external hard drive. This gives you a lot of flexibility and covers the most common storage devices. To take full advantage of the device, you will need to install free AirStor app from the market to get access to your WiDisk. Once media is attached, you just look up SSID of the device and connect to it with a default password which can be changed later. Multiple users can login and everybody have R/W privileges to it's file content. This way someone from iPhone can copy a file to usb thumb drive attached to this device, and another person from Android smartphone can copy it back to their phone. Once inside of AirStor, you have a tab for WiDisk as well as your own device files. To take it to the next level, you also have an option for this WiDisk to connect to external wireless router as a gate to outside internet. This way RAVPower disk becomes both WiDisk where you can read/write attached SD/usb and also use it as a wireless hub for multiple users to connect to internet. I captured it in pictures below so you can see the setup from within the app. And if you are on your laptop or PC or Macbook, you can also connect to WiDisk wifi and within your web browser go to the device specific IP to access files, and don't even need an app for that.

And if that wasn't enough, this WiDisk also has a built in 3000 mAh power bank which should give you close to 2000 mAh of charging power for your smart device (keep in mind 30% loses due to usb port conversion, that's why you never get the actual power on the label). From hardware perspective, charging input of this WiDisk handles up to 1.5A so you can charge it up in about 2.5 hours. Keeping it as a wireless router with usb thumb drive attached - it lasted a bit over 4 hours before battery died. Which is plenty for a portable use. Once you plug it into wall charger, you can use it as a regular router without even worrying about battery. As a matter of fact, and I tried this twice, I had a scenario of being connected through this WiDisk to internet and streaming a movie from usb stick, then once battery completely discharged and it shut off - my Note 2 switched to my home wireless router seamlessly. Then, once I plugged WiDisk to wall charger I was able to log back in and continue using it without waiting for device to charge up to a certain level. That was very impressive. Also, I didn't feel it get warm at all. The only negative was one LED indicator for battery status. Using external power batteries, I'm used to 4-5 led segments. In this case, solid green means full charge, and when it switches to red you have less than 30% left. Still sufficient warning, but not as granular as you get with multiple LEDs. And speaking of LEDs, there are 4 status leds with indication of power, read/write, WiDisk connection, and outside internet connection.

Overall, I was very impressed with its functionality, it's durability, and all the features packed into this $50 pocket friendly WiDisk. It's definitely one of those must have devices for smart phone.

Here are the pictures.

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