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Just spoke to my carrier Netcom in Norway. He said the reason for this "problem with 0 lines" is because of LTE. When you have set up the phone for 4G or as i wrote earlier GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto in the network modus you will get this issue he said. The reason is conversations cant go over 4G, only 2-3G. So therefore it shows that low in the bars/lines. And with the auto setting with the LTE it always prefer 4G. But as he said, as soon as the call is set up it goes over to 2-3G and therefore get the full bars/lines. So there is nothing wrong other then it looks wierd with 0-1 bar/line. He also said it needs a software upgrade on that issue. He also feelt sorry for me so he gave me 1 year of free Spotify Premium. ) He also told me to call HTC Norway and ask them what to do or not. Hope you guys could read this and understand, last time i had english in school is over 30 years ago.

I also called HTC support. He told me that they have gotten other reports on the subject, and confirmed that its LTE issue. And that the phone works just fine and its just showing wrong value in top right corner. He pretty much confirmed what the other guy at Netcom said. He also registered all the info on my phone so they could contact me again for more info and that they are allready looking in to it. So i guess everything is working "fine".
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