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Originally Posted by El Presidente View Post
seeing your character progress and having stuff you've done in the first game have an impact on what goes on in the final battle in the 3rd is amazing.
I'm coming to the end of my fourth playthrough now, this time with an Adept - I <3 biosplosions!

I couldn't face repeating ME1 yet again though, so I modified one of my savegames to suit how I wanted his character to be e.g. no romance (I wanted to see how a relationship with Jack turned out), more "end justifies the means" by bumping off several NPCs rather than allowing them to live etc. The subtle alterations to the plotline are very interesting.

I may have to replay it though, as (a) I didn't do enough to keep Chambers around for ME3 so she ran off with my fish and (b) I forgot to chat to Conrad and hear all his in-jokes about the game.
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