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As for GPS accuracy, the statement above about the Civilian GPS is very accurate. I had the opportunity to see a military GPS (handheld) in use and it put us withing inches of where we were standing. I have had my handheld GPS be spot on one day and off by 30 feet another day in the same spot. As for geocaching, we don't even bother getting out the GPS any more. The phone gets us just as close as the GPS ever did. Remember, in geocaching, you can only be as accurate as the person's GPS that placed the cache.

Originally Posted by zebug View Post
heck my old GNex was great (outdoors) with GPS, I often used some of the GPS golf apps to check my distance to the front/center/back of the greens and it was nearly always with 1-2 yards difference compared to either a laser ranger finder or a Skycaddie. I haven't tried with my S4 yet (mainly because I've accepted the fact that I'm not good enough to NEED to know if I am 154 yards out or 156 yards out....)
I watched 4 guys a couple of months ago on the golf course. All 4 of them had some sort of range device, either a phone or a handheld golf gps. They were on the tee box of a 150ish yard par 3. I was sitting in the shade waiting on the group in front of us and was only about twenty feet from their tee box. They determined that the flag was on the back of the green. They argued over whether it was 154 or 156 yards to the flag. I was anticipating some nice shots. Remember, they were only 140ish yards from the front of the green. The tee box was on top of a hill and the green was on the top of the next hill and there was a large stream between. Two of them rehit from the tee box because they went in the water. That made their "drive" about 75 yards. After the two rehit, none of the 6 shots made were anywhere near the green. I was playing with my Pastor and neither of us are any good at all, we just like to get outdoors, but we had a really good laugh watching these "duffers" argue over a distance that they evidently couldn't hit anyway.

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