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Originally Posted by BerntBalchen View Post
I sent in my HTC One black after 3 days because of this problem [see this thread: [Sprint] Anyone with a death grip reception problem?] with very bad reception. After a week i got a brand new one. Same problem. Now i will call them again. This is just sad.
Another wierd thing is when ever i make a call and from the time i press the call button, the signal goes up to full. And as soon as the call is over the signal drops down to 1 or no lines. There it stays. During the call the signal is just fine and there is no problems with the quality and sound of the call. Is it a software issue or some kind of power saving?
I missed this post. I think it is just an issue with how it displays the bars. I see the same kind of behavior, although not so much with phone calls. When I am at home, I am in a dead spot, so I generally only get a couple of bars reception, and no 4G. I can tell when I am about to get a Text message if I am looking at my phone, because suddenly my signal will jump up to full. Same thing for when my email syncs.

This isn't restricted to my One. I see the same behavior on my Evo3D and on my son's Samsung E4GT. Just one of those odd things I guess.
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