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Originally Posted by KryptoNyte View Post
I was under the impression that there is an update coming that allows us to do something similar with a $15 sdcard. I know it's not exactly the same, but a hundred bucks for 16GB of flash memory?!?!

The update is supposedly going to allow you to install applications on an SD card, but not the data that comes with the application (which is the real issue for gamers). Also, GOOGLE PLAY still won't let you store music or movies on an SD card.

Granted, most of us have tablets for watching movies and a many of us have no interest in games. IN that case, I think 16 GB of Ram (with a flash card for photos and most music) should work fine.

$100 for 16 GB of RAM is a ridiculously poor value though. VZW stores didn't even stock the 32 GB S3 for that reason.
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