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Default JD is soo intrusive

The 1 sec it impacts me with the turning on the wifi on wake up just takes soooo much time out of the day. I need that wifi on in my pocket at all times! And being unassailed by emails every 15 minutes (average delay 7.5 mins) brings my life to a standstill. JD Doesn't impact BT or SMS at all, that I can see. And when forgetting to plug it in at night after beating it to death the day before and waking up to 60% charged is such a pain. I really hate having all those power saving things like screen brightness, haptic, vibrate, etc turned up to full so I can take advantage of what the phone was designed to do. Those folks that run JD probably haven't toggled anything off except sound when they go to church. If one wants to fiddle/toggle with phone all the time, and have all power settings set to "creep along" will just hate JD. Those that have JD Ultimate, forget they have it. Best $5 I've spent on an app. These battery related hand wringing sessions seem so silly.
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