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Originally Posted by Adar View Post
My old Linksys router used to get killed everytime I turned on the microwave. Actually disconnected everyone from the wi-fi no matter what channel I set the router to use.
That's not cool.
You might want to get that checked or replace it... BUT...
It's either leaking really badly or it's throwing a lot of noise into the power lines.

My wife's treadmill throws a lot of noise into the powerline because like most modern treadmills it has a PWM controller to vary the speed of the motor.
This causes some things to reset, such as my U-Verse NID, and one of my switches.
The simple fix was a power line filter out of an old plasma set.
I replaced the standard unfiltered IEC connector on the treadmill with that filtered one.. no more problem and no more noise in the power.

Originally Posted by BerntBalchen View Post

I have seen something like this once or twice.. if it's the same thing.
I am running a rom that is based on the international version.
When on LTE it does drop to HSPA for calls and I have seen the signal meter go a little wonky once or twice.
I typically get 3 bars of LTE and 4-5 of HSPA in the house and when it does the call setup I have seen it go to nothing for the duration of the call but I never had an issue.

Not sure if this is a bug only present in the WWE based firmwares.. my wife has never seen that happen on hers and she is full AT&T stock.

The rom I am running is Android Revolution 10.1
(yes I know there are newer versions but this has been ROCK SOLID... no need to change.)
It's based on an Android 4.2.2 leak... build 2.17.401.1
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