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Originally Posted by scotty001 View Post
..I am surprised that it is stating that high data usage applications will be ran through mobile data, normally its the other way around, it will run through wifi, if wifi is on then all data should run through that, is it something specific to your carrier ???
You misunderstood me.. I meant that the way it's worded, high-data usage stuff does go through wifi when available, but not necessarily low data. That's allegedly only when wifi is off, but I have my doubts due to below.

Having watched the My Verizon app, (which seems to come pre-installed on their S4's right now), I stand by what I originally said, (regarding everything not running through wifi), as well as am not sure it's very trustworthy either. Reason being, last night looking at my phone it showed I'd used about 1/4 of the data this pay cycle & the other phone had used the rest. Looking at the same app on the other phone at the same time, it showed a 50/50 split of data usage between the two phones. Again, that number continues to slowly climb, even though both phones have been in constant range of wifi the last 2 days & are set to use it when in range, heh. (though settings-data usage does show most data running through wifi) I guess I'll have to resort to 3rd party apps and/or simply turn mobile data off when I want to be sure not to use it. Thanks for the suggestions guys, once I have time I'll have to check them out.
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