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I've had the phone for about a week now. It hasn't been long enough to test everything out, but I thought I would give my impressions so far. Hadron, I hope you don't mind me copying your layout

This is one of reasons I chose the One over the S4, and I've been very happy with the build quality so far. The phone feels good in my hand, and seems really solid.

I'm pretty sure the screen would shatter if I dropped it. I'm still waiting for my case to arrive. I'm just being careful while using it. It still looks like it's new out of the box. The power button was a bit hard to find and press at first, but I've gotten used to it.

No problems. I don't know that it's any better than my old phone, but finally having LTE is nice.

Another advantage over the S4 IMO. The screen is sharp, viewable in day light, and color accurate. I prefer the touch of the glass over the more plastic-y AMOLED.

Seems adequate so far. I haven't had a day of heavy use yet. It's definitely holding up better than my Galaxy S running Jelly Bean.

The main reason I bought this phone. The speakers sound amazing for a smart phone. The difference between the front facing stereo speakers on the One, and the tiny rear speaker on most devices is night and day. They are also REALLY loud. I keep having to turn down my ringtone and notifications.

I have Beats turned off at the moment. I can't really tell much of a difference. I've never been a fan of the Beats line, and always thought Beats Audio in phones and laptops is a bit of a gimmick.

In use
The phone itself is very quick and responsive. Call quality is good, and the ear piece sounds clear. There's a few things missing from stock ICS/JB that I used quite a bit, and have no idea why HTC removed them:
  • The quick toggles in the notification menu.
  • Changing sound profiles from the power menu (holding down the power button).
  • The recent apps list with horizontal swipe/clear all option.
  • Editing home screens and the dock in the Sense launcher is needlessly tedious.
I can't seem to set Chrome as the default browser. I didn't care for the Sense launcher app drawer. I'm currently using Apex Pro and started using Flipboard. I really like having tabs in the drawer . None of these things are deal breakers. Though, I don't like having to use toggle widgets; especially for things that were already easy to do in the first place. Hopefully the next Update will fix some of this stuff. Otherwise I might look at flashing a custom ROM.

The HTC keyboard works pretty well. I think Swype and Swiftkey Flow were both a bit more accurate though. I wish the HTC Task app had a widget.

Setting up
I only synced up my Google Contacts and Calendar. The HTC Sync manager surprised me the first time I plugged the phone into my computer. It didn't really seem stable while scanning for media either. I wonder if I need to find a 64-bit version... Either way, probably not something I'll use much. I wasn't looking for an iTunes substitute. I'm fine dragging and dropping, and using WiFi data transfer.

I love the phone so far. It's a nice size, and feels good in my hand. It's very sleek and pretty. It occurred to me that with an aluminum body this phone will be very difficult to repair.

I'm sure I'll have fun playing with new setups over the next few weeks. In addition to my case, I'm waiting for an OTG cable to arrive, which should make it easier to test out music and movies.
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