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Originally Posted by dlin95123 View Post
What would be a good external battery bank to get? Thanks.
I've gone for the HTC battery bar :-
HTC Battery Bar Overview - HTC Accessories

You can get ones that are cheaper/offer more charge capability but I decided on the HTC's - I figured that 6000mah is plenty and being an HTC product felt confident it would be fully compatible with the One (as advertised). Having read EarlyMon's post the charge cycle of these batteries is not a simple matter - better to be safe than sorry.

Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Not a problem.

Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries

The concerns noted in the article are addressed by the charging and safety circuitry in your phone.

You care more about heat.

Don't run your battery down if your phone is running hot, don't charge near freezing temperatures and if it's getting very hot while charging, shut down the phone. Those ought happen rarely.
I had a good deal from Phones4U which included 35 cash back, which left just over 10 to find so I was more than happy with that.

It's nicely made and does what HTC say it'll do - I tried it out as soon as it arrived!!. Although up to now I'm getting excellent battery life from my One my two main activities at the moment are motorcycling and hill walking, both of which can take me away from conventional charge methods for long periods whilst using a lot of battery power for GPS, Google/Route66 maps, weak mobile signal etc., and in both cases the last thing I need is my One getting anywhere near to zero battery power, in fact I've got into the habit of never letting it go below 20%.

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